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Online Angling Games

There is little that you cannot do on the internet and angling is no exception. Through online angling games you can experience the art of fishing without even having to leave your computer chair.

Weekend Fishing for example gives you the perfect opportunity to sit back and try to catch some fish. By simple actions such as moving your mouse, you can get your bait into the water and wait for something to bite. In addition, your trusty friend – Hawkeye – gives you useful advice from time to time on whether to reel in or not and this can be invaluable given that the very objective of the game is to reel in as many fish as you can in a specific time limit.

Perhaps you want something that looks and feels more realistic than the bird eye view of Weekend Fishing. Well if you do, then the Lake Fishing game may be just right. First off you get to choose which location on the edge of the lake you want to fish from and you even get to choose whether you would like to fish in the daytime or the evening. Aside from that, all you need to do is throw your line into the water and wait for something to bite; then it is a simple case of reeling your catch in. For added reality, the length and weight as well as the species of fish are displayed as soon as you catch it.

These angling games can range from the cartoony to the super realistic and it really depends on your overall preference as to which one you wish to choose. You can play angling games that are full of little challenges to keep you occupied or you can simply throw out your line and sit back and wait.

National Endowment for the Arts To Provide Federal Funding For Game Makers

Criticism quickly came from conservative lawmakers after it was found that the National Endowment for the Arts would be allowing video game developers to apply for federal grants. Of course, game makers know that most assume that all video game titles are violent and sexually explicit, however, the same lawmakers that don’t want the gaming industry to flourish are fans themselves. Even school are using video games to educate their students, which is why it is difficult for game developers to understand the problem with being paid by the government to help children. Maybe if a ‘safe’ game maker that has partnered with Nintendo applies for a grant, politicians will begin to change their tune. Unfortunately, video game developers will continue to get a bad rap for as long as ‘Grand Theft Auto’ is around.

Only the most obscene and outrageous games get any news coverage. When a video game that promotes healthy eating or teaches children to speak a foreign language emerges, no one outside of the company ever talks about it. For clarity sake, the government would not be funding the next installation of ‘Duke Nukem.’ The National Endowment for the Arts would be required to review every application received by game makers and then award grants to the ones that have the best plans. The game makers would then need to show their progress every step of the way. In other ways, game makers aren’t trying to defraud tax payers, and they certainly don’t need any handouts.

Video Game Industry Oblivious To Changes Within The Market

At the E3 Convention, thousands of avid gamers, video game developers and top level executives gathered under one roof. While everyone was excited to see the newest titles, software and technologies, there was overwhelming silence when it came to sales. The fact of the matter is that gamers will always buy and play new video games. But they also want to get their money’s worth, which means that used games and even pirated copies are causing publishers to lose out.

Then there’s the subject of online game purchases. Gaming retailers know that they have to bolster their online presence in order to reach out to gamers that have pretty much become shut ins. Its strange that the same people that innovated the technologies used by gamers today want to ignore the signs that big changes are yet to come.

In order for gaming retailers to be able to stay in business, they are going to have to pay attention to companies such as Redbox and Gamefly. Of course, gamers will always need to buy consoles and peripherals, but Amazon is becoming more popular. When will gamers finally stop going to retail stores at all? Game retailers hope that day never comes, but they are going to need to adapt if they hope to make it through. Instead of restricting access to content and putting password protection on downloaded content, the gaming industry is going to have to start treating consumers like allies instead of enemies, which may not be so easy considering their track record.

Activision To Announce The Debut Of A Goldeneye 007 Sequel

The original ‘Goldeneye 007′ was made for the Nintendo 64 in 1997, but fans are still excited to hear that Activision will be developing a sequel to the best selling game title. Because Activision has not formally made an announcement about the future game, not much is known about what gamers should expect. A few industry insiders have speculated about a title for the new ‘Goldeneye 007,’ pointing to the fact that Activision has been snatching up related domains. For now, the best guess is ‘Goldeneye 007: Reloaded,’ but its not safe to make any assumptions until Activision lays out its plans.

Although Activision did not originally develop ‘Goldeneye 007,’ the company acquired rights to the game title after Nintendo and Rare parted ways. Microsoft acquired game developer Rare several years ago, and since then neither Nintendo nor Microsoft can come to a consensus on how to market and distribute several game titles. It appears that some headway has been made now that Activision has a new sequel to ‘Goldeneye 007′ in the works, but a release date could still be far off.

Nintendo also appears to be moving in another direction as the company tends to focus on more family friendly, cooperative interaction types of game titles. Releasing a first person shooter such as ‘Goldeneye 007′ will require Nintendo to come up with a new kind of controller as well as an innovative form of marketing in order to get the most out of its investment. For now, gamers will have to wait until Activision officially lets this cat out of the bag.

The Red Faction Saga Continues With ‘Red Faction Armageddon’

Explosions are abound in “Red Faction Armageddon,” but that hasn’t stopped gamers from turning on the Xboxs and turning up the heat. In this installation of “Red Fraction,” the first thing you might notice is a new weapon named Nano Forge. Forget bullets, the Nano Forge packs an immeasurable amount of firepower. Although players are still encouraged to blow everything in their paths, this time the game plan is a little more streamlined and focused.

You’ll have several objectives and a GPS device help you to navigate to your destinations. A few new enemies have been included, but don’t expect to see a lot of variety in this area of the game. What has changed is the amount of weapons you will be able to choose from. As soon as you run out of ammo, you’ll be able to find weapons lockers scattered all over.

During story mode the Nano Forge plays a huge role. This weapon can wipe out all of your enemies at once, but it can also be used to rebuild some of the structures you inadvertently took out, too. At various points in the game you will be able to purchase upgrades that can be used to make the Nano Forge even more powerful. The game itself is pretty basic, but the collateral amount of destruction you are able to cause will keep you on your toes for hours at a time. “Red Faction Armageddon” is one of those games that you play when you call out sick for work, get all of your housework out of the way and have a few hours before dinner. It’s entertaining, but you probably won’t want to play it every single day.

Online Roulette Is Just As Fun As The Real Thing

While you may think that you may not get the same thrill playing roulette online as you would in a real casino, you can make new friends, have great fun and best of, win big by visiting King Solomons. Unlike other online roulette games, King Solomons takes the very best of this exciting game and loads it into an easy to navigate interface. You’ll never made the wrong move when you place your bets on this website, and the graphics are so true to life that you may begin to wonder why you ever bothered to leave you home to visit casinos in the first place.

Get comfortable and pull out your good luck charm because you are going to be glued to your screen for quite awhile. Many other online roulette websites depend on flashy graphics to attract visitors, but King Solomons takes a different approach. If you want to be able to try out different varieties of roulette then this is your chance. Start off playing the versions of roulette that you know and love, then slowly learn the rules of other games until you have mastered them all.

Roulette is one of the easiest casino games to learn and it also has some of the biggest jackpots. For a small wager you can walk enough with enough money to go on vacation and pay your bills. When you’re ready for a break you can grab a bite to eat and then come back to start off where you left off.

If you have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to see just how good at roulette you are then head over to King Solomon and see how you fair. Pick up new tricks and tips from more experienced gamers or just start up friendly chats with familiar faces. A lot of people go online to play roulette each day, but few are able to have as much fun as the players at King Solomon. Roulette players of all ages have been having the times of their lives at King Solomons and you can start too by visiting their official site.

Computer Game Developed To Aid Autistic Children

Autism comes in various degrees but the one thing that nearly all autistic children have in common is a lack of social interaction. Statistics show that 1 out of every 110 babies born will develop autism by the age of two. This means that a large portion of the population will be diagnosed with the disease. Carrie Pritchard, a psychology professor, hopes that the new video game that she is working on will benefit all Autistic children. Using the $20,000 cash prize, Pritchard is teaming up with several video game developers on the project.

There have been several conflicting studies involving video games and children with Autism. Although Autistic children are usually able to play video games with proficiency some researchers feel that it only isolates them even further. By designing a game that includes visuals of people interacting, Pritchard thinks that Autistic children will be able to gain enough confidence to start seeking out friendships on their own.

Pritchard’s own son has Asperger’s Syndrome, which is a variation of Autism. Three local university students are working with the professor and they are coming up with new, exciting ideas each day. The developers of the yet unnamed game are still many months away from completion but Pritchard’s connections and influence on the Autistic community will help her to get a buzz going before the title is launched. Pritchard doesn’t plan on profiting from the sale of her game as she feels that it is much more important to provide a beneficial tool to children with disabilities.

Are Cheap Video Games Destroying The Industry?

Video game developers, especially Nintendo, are starting to see just how damaging inexpensive smart phone platform games can be for the industry. When it comes to hand held devices, the Nintendo DS has long been king among teens and younger kids, but now it seems that parents are buying cell phones for their children at increasingly younger ages. When you compare the average title for the Nintendo DS and a smart phone game the main difference is that games made for hand held consoles offer many more hours of game play. Both sets of games are equally simplistic, from the graphics to the music, the only thing that separates game titles made for the Nintendo DS and smart phones is pricing.

There is little evidence to support the theory that these cheap video game titles are damaging the industry as a whole, but Nintendo is already working on a set of new games that will make consumers want to buy their titles. With a focus on game development and the user experience, Nintendo will probably hold off on releasing a new version of the Nintendo DS until the company has a number of impressive titles in the works. All in all, there is room for both smart phone games and hand held gaming console video games even if there is a huge discrepancy in pricing. Children will always want to have electronics to help them pass the time while they are on long car rides, and as long as Nintendo continues to deliver there will always be a place for them in the gaming industry.

Four Out Of Five Video Game Titles Are Counterfeit

Gaming companies have been battling a losing war with counterfeiters, and a new study shows just how big of a problem piracy really is. Approximately four out of every five video games sold today are actually counterfeit. To the untrained eye these games look completely authentic and most contain no major glitches. Executives at Nintendo recently remarked on the fact that gamers themselves were becoming more knowledgeable about the problems. Better anti-piracy technologies have made it impossible for some of these games to be played, however, there have to be better policies in order to identify counterfeiters as well as product consumers.

There is no rule that says that you cannot buy video games online. Consumers know that some of the best deals can be found on the Internet, so when a new video game retailer offers discounted titles he or she knows that gamers will respond positively. The anonymity of the web has made it easy for counterfeiters to sell thousands of fake titles, collect the money and disappear before anyone knows the difference. Perhaps video game developers should put more of an effort into coming up with ways for consumers to identify authentic titled with ease instead of trying to create consoles that will prevent them from working. Finding out that you have been duped when you go to play a new game is a terrible feeling, and it is highly likely that you were only trying to get a deal. There are those that know full well what they are purchasing, but if the gaming industry wants higher profits them will need to come up with better anti-piracy strategies.

Capcom Appears At CES

Plenty of electronics manufacturers are expected to make an appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, this year, but Capcom is expected to be the real show stopper. Not only is Capcom going to be the only company appearing that doesn’t produce hardware, they are also going to premiere five of their newest video games. The long awaited ‘Marvel VS. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds’ will have fans squealing with delight. ‘Okamiden’ is available on the Nintendo DS, but visitors at the Consumer Electronics Show will be able to play the popular game on the big screen.

Capcom is a nearly 30 year old video game developing company and they are showing no signs of slowing down. It is not yet known whether or not Capcom will be featuring any particular brand of television or exclusively playing their games on one type of console, but it is almost certain that several other companies will be showcasing their games as well. Capcom has plans to unveil quite a few video games this year, so while gamers will be able to get a sneak speak at the company’s newest releases, those not in attendance will still have plenty to look forward to.

Representatives from Capcom will be walking the showroom to answer questions and give fans the inside scoop all throughout the Consumer Electronics Show. Although the company is not sending a large staff, the handful of people participating at the show will be among Capcom’s most influential and inspirational staff members.