Activision To Announce The Debut Of A Goldeneye 007 Sequel

The original ‘Goldeneye 007′ was made for the Nintendo 64 in 1997, but fans are still excited to hear that Activision will be developing a sequel to the best selling game title. Because Activision has not formally made an announcement about the future game, not much is known about what gamers should expect. A few industry insiders have speculated about a title for the new ‘Goldeneye 007,’ pointing to the fact that Activision has been snatching up related domains. For now, the best guess is ‘Goldeneye 007: Reloaded,’ but its not safe to make any assumptions until Activision lays out its plans.

Although Activision did not originally develop ‘Goldeneye 007,’ the company acquired rights to the game title after Nintendo and Rare parted ways. Microsoft acquired game developer Rare several years ago, and since then neither Nintendo nor Microsoft can come to a consensus on how to market and distribute several game titles. It appears that some headway has been made now that Activision has a new sequel to ‘Goldeneye 007′ in the works, but a release date could still be far off.

Nintendo also appears to be moving in another direction as the company tends to focus on more family friendly, cooperative interaction types of game titles. Releasing a first person shooter such as ‘Goldeneye 007′ will require Nintendo to come up with a new kind of controller as well as an innovative form of marketing in order to get the most out of its investment. For now, gamers will have to wait until Activision officially lets this cat out of the bag.

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