Are Cheap Video Games Destroying The Industry?

Video game developers, especially Nintendo, are starting to see just how damaging inexpensive smart phone platform games can be for the industry. When it comes to hand held devices, the Nintendo DS has long been king among teens and younger kids, but now it seems that parents are buying cell phones for their children at increasingly younger ages. When you compare the average title for the Nintendo DS and a smart phone game the main difference is that games made for hand held consoles offer many more hours of game play. Both sets of games are equally simplistic, from the graphics to the music, the only thing that separates game titles made for the Nintendo DS and smart phones is pricing.

There is little evidence to support the theory that these cheap video game titles are damaging the industry as a whole, but Nintendo is already working on a set of new games that will make consumers want to buy their titles. With a focus on game development and the user experience, Nintendo will probably hold off on releasing a new version of the Nintendo DS until the company has a number of impressive titles in the works. All in all, there is room for both smart phone games and hand held gaming console video games even if there is a huge discrepancy in pricing. Children will always want to have electronics to help them pass the time while they are on long car rides, and as long as Nintendo continues to deliver there will always be a place for them in the gaming industry.

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