Beatles Coming to Rock Band Series

One of the biggest testimonies to the greatness of the amazing band, The Beatles, is that even now, forty years after the group dissolved, every time a marketing exercise has been put forth to represent the original recordings of the group, it has been successful. For example, in the first decade of this millennium alone, there was a compilation of their recordings made in 2000, and the Love Album, in 2006, that were both big successes. Beyond that, there were other CDs as well as cassettes released that were hits, as well.

Now, one of the ultimates in Beatles tributes has come to the video game consumers. There will be a Rock Band game focused completely on the Beatles. Obviously, most gamers know that Rock Band is not a new idea, there have been several different types of the game released, and it has been successful for all three consoles for video games: the Xbox, the Playstation, and the Wii. There is also a similar game concept of Guitar Hero which pays tribute to the rock band Aerosmith with an Aerosmith based Guitar Hero in a similar way to the Beatles’ Rock Band. However, the Beatles Rock Band is going to break ground on several different matters. Not only will the millions of Fab Four fans be attracted to this game who have previously not been interested in video games due to the age bracket, but they may just be battling the younger generation for TV time to play video games while going through the various levels of difficulty available in playing many of the classic hits from the Beatles.

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