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  • Sony

    Sony Speaks Out About Future of 3D Games

    Sony Entertainment Corp plans to make an even more impressive version of its Playstation 3 video games in the future and according to reports, this means there is going to be more shooting, racing and fighting in awe inspiring 3D. Part of what the Japan...

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  • Playcast

    New Company Set to Bring Video Games to British TV

    According to recent press, some speculate that in the United Kingdom, the days of Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s Playstation ruling the British games industry may just be about to end. A brand new video game service is set to debut in 2010 and it says...

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  • Beatles Rockband

    Beatles Coming to Rock Band Series

    One of the biggest testimonies to the greatness of the amazing band, The Beatles, is that even now, forty years after the group dissolved, every time a marketing exercise has been put forth to represent the original recordings of the group, it has been successful....

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