Four Out Of Five Video Game Titles Are Counterfeit

Gaming companies have been battling a losing war with counterfeiters, and a new study shows just how big of a problem piracy really is. Approximately four out of every five video games sold today are actually counterfeit. To the untrained eye these games look completely authentic and most contain no major glitches. Executives at Nintendo recently remarked on the fact that gamers themselves were becoming more knowledgeable about the problems. Better anti-piracy technologies have made it impossible for some of these games to be played, however, there have to be better policies in order to identify counterfeiters as well as product consumers.

There is no rule that says that you cannot buy video games online. Consumers know that some of the best deals can be found on the Internet, so when a new video game retailer offers discounted titles he or she knows that gamers will respond positively. The anonymity of the web has made it easy for counterfeiters to sell thousands of fake titles, collect the money and disappear before anyone knows the difference. Perhaps video game developers should put more of an effort into coming up with ways for consumers to identify authentic titled with ease instead of trying to create consoles that will prevent them from working. Finding out that you have been duped when you go to play a new game is a terrible feeling, and it is highly likely that you were only trying to get a deal. There are those that know full well what they are purchasing, but if the gaming industry wants higher profits them will need to come up with better anti-piracy strategies.

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