National Endowment for the Arts To Provide Federal Funding For Game Makers

Criticism quickly came from conservative lawmakers after it was found that the National Endowment for the Arts would be allowing video game developers to apply for federal grants. Of course, game makers know that most assume that all video game titles are violent and sexually explicit, however, the same lawmakers that don’t want the gaming industry to flourish are fans themselves. Even school are using video games to educate their students, which is why it is difficult for game developers to understand the problem with being paid by the government to help children. Maybe if a ‘safe’ game maker that has partnered with Nintendo applies for a grant, politicians will begin to change their tune. Unfortunately, video game developers will continue to get a bad rap for as long as ‘Grand Theft Auto’ is around.

Only the most obscene and outrageous games get any news coverage. When a video game that promotes healthy eating or teaches children to speak a foreign language emerges, no one outside of the company ever talks about it. For clarity sake, the government would not be funding the next installation of ‘Duke Nukem.’ The National Endowment for the Arts would be required to review every application received by game makers and then award grants to the ones that have the best plans. The game makers would then need to show their progress every step of the way. In other ways, game makers aren’t trying to defraud tax payers, and they certainly don’t need any handouts.

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