New Company Set to Bring Video Games to British TV

According to recent press, some speculate that in the United Kingdom, the days of Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s Playstation ruling the British games industry may just be about to end. A brand new video game service is set to debut in 2010 and it says it will allow video games to be played right through a typical TV equipped with standard cable and will not require players to buy any extra equipment. This new system is coming out from a company called Playcast which has a great deal of venture capital invested in it and operates in both Israel and the UK. With set top boxes already popular for TV fans in the UK, the company believes that since it will be able to leverage these boxes from Virgin Media and BT, it will be able to provide games that players will love. The company is making a portal type system that will operate much like a standard digital cable channel and hopes to work with companies including Cablevision in the United States and Sky in the United Kingdom.

Experts say that a proprietary system like this which would offer popular titles is not a new concept and that Gaikai presently does this over the internet via streaming technology. Latency is what many experts worry most about and since the delay between a remote controller for a TV is so much longer than it would be for a video game machine that is dedicated just to game play, many remain uncertain it will work, but Playcast says they are confident their system will be a revolution since they have made advances to create lag times that are less than the human eye is capable of detecting.

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