Online Angling Games

There is little that you cannot do on the internet and angling is no exception. Through online angling games you can experience the art of fishing without even having to leave your computer chair.

Weekend Fishing for example gives you the perfect opportunity to sit back and try to catch some fish. By simple actions such as moving your mouse, you can get your bait into the water and wait for something to bite. In addition, your trusty friend – Hawkeye – gives you useful advice from time to time on whether to reel in or not and this can be invaluable given that the very objective of the game is to reel in as many fish as you can in a specific time limit.

Perhaps you want something that looks and feels more realistic than the bird eye view of Weekend Fishing. Well if you do, then the Lake Fishing game may be just right. First off you get to choose which location on the edge of the lake you want to fish from and you even get to choose whether you would like to fish in the daytime or the evening. Aside from that, all you need to do is throw your line into the water and wait for something to bite; then it is a simple case of reeling your catch in. For added reality, the length and weight as well as the species of fish are displayed as soon as you catch it.

These angling games can range from the cartoony to the super realistic and it really depends on your overall preference as to which one you wish to choose. You can play angling games that are full of little challenges to keep you occupied or you can simply throw out your line and sit back and wait.

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