Playing Video Games Improves Your Sight

New studies are being put under way to determine the effects of video games on human health and, to the surprise of many who have criticized video games for years, a good portion of these studies are proving that gaming can have positive effects. In fact, one study showed that games of the first person shooter variety actually have the ability to improve human vision. According to the tests run by these researchers who are part of the cognitive sciences department of the University of Rochester in the state of Minnesota, the games raised players upwards of 58% in terms of their ability to perceive fine contrast differences in their field of vision. How this translates to real life, according to Daphne Bavelier who led the study, is that a driver would be able to determine whether or not a car was directly in front of them during conditions where darkness or fog might sharply hinder such visual identification. Optical scientists were impressed by the findings and say that the ability of the human eye to detect tiny differences in shades of gray are a major part of one’s vision.

In fact, the researchers stated that not only do the games have strong temporary effects, the changes in vision actually last for several months after the players are no longer playing the games. This could be big news in the optical industry where surgery, eye glasses or contacts have so far been the only real solutions to improving human vision. By retraining the visual cortex of the brain, the games teach it to process visual information better.

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