Sony Speaks Out About Future of 3D Games

Sony Entertainment Corp plans to make an even more impressive version of its Playstation 3 video games in the future and according to reports, this means there is going to be more shooting, racing and fighting in awe inspiring 3D. Part of what the Japan based video gaming giant has planned is going to be weaving in extra realistic features with its new Move technology, the motion sensitive controllers that will be coming out in September 2010. At the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo show in Los Angeles, California, the company showed off a range of new titles that are going to feature the 3D capacity and according to Kazuo Hirai, the networked products and services group President, the biggest games out this year are set to make heavy use of the new technology. This means that titles like Avatar, based on the Hollywood block buster film of the same name from director James Cameron of Titanic fame will be part of the new wave of games, but also non movie tie games like Killzone 3. The Killzone 3 title will come out in February of 2011 and be the very first 3D version of this futuristic science fiction war game series.

New titles will be flowing into the market at a steady rate, say Sony representatives, and many of these are set to be able to have added enhancements when used with the Sony 3D television sets which arrived only a few months ago. The 3D shift for the PS3 will be accomplished via a software upgrade instead of forcing users to buy new hardware.

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