The Red Faction Saga Continues With ‘Red Faction Armageddon’

Explosions are abound in “Red Faction Armageddon,” but that hasn’t stopped gamers from turning on the Xboxs and turning up the heat. In this installation of “Red Fraction,” the first thing you might notice is a new weapon named Nano Forge. Forget bullets, the Nano Forge packs an immeasurable amount of firepower. Although players are still encouraged to blow everything in their paths, this time the game plan is a little more streamlined and focused.

You’ll have several objectives and a GPS device help you to navigate to your destinations. A few new enemies have been included, but don’t expect to see a lot of variety in this area of the game. What has changed is the amount of weapons you will be able to choose from. As soon as you run out of ammo, you’ll be able to find weapons lockers scattered all over.

During story mode the Nano Forge plays a huge role. This weapon can wipe out all of your enemies at once, but it can also be used to rebuild some of the structures you inadvertently took out, too. At various points in the game you will be able to purchase upgrades that can be used to make the Nano Forge even more powerful. The game itself is pretty basic, but the collateral amount of destruction you are able to cause will keep you on your toes for hours at a time. “Red Faction Armageddon” is one of those games that you play when you call out sick for work, get all of your housework out of the way and have a few hours before dinner. It’s entertaining, but you probably won’t want to play it every single day.

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