Video Game Industry Oblivious To Changes Within The Market

At the E3 Convention, thousands of avid gamers, video game developers and top level executives gathered under one roof. While everyone was excited to see the newest titles, software and technologies, there was overwhelming silence when it came to sales. The fact of the matter is that gamers will always buy and play new video games. But they also want to get their money’s worth, which means that used games and even pirated copies are causing publishers to lose out.

Then there’s the subject of online game purchases. Gaming retailers know that they have to bolster their online presence in order to reach out to gamers that have pretty much become shut ins. Its strange that the same people that innovated the technologies used by gamers today want to ignore the signs that big changes are yet to come.

In order for gaming retailers to be able to stay in business, they are going to have to pay attention to companies such as Redbox and Gamefly. Of course, gamers will always need to buy consoles and peripherals, but Amazon is becoming more popular. When will gamers finally stop going to retail stores at all? Game retailers hope that day never comes, but they are going to need to adapt if they hope to make it through. Instead of restricting access to content and putting password protection on downloaded content, the gaming industry is going to have to start treating consumers like allies instead of enemies, which may not be so easy considering their track record.

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