Video Games Live Show Set to Wow Seattle

On Saturday, a new type of entertainment will take center stage at the Paramount Theater in Seattle, Washington- video games. According to one of the co-creators and video game composers, the show is expected to be a combination of the excitement and energy found at a rock concert, mixed together with the visuals, technology, interactivity and all around fun that comes from video games. The national touring production that brings life to video games such as Mario, Final Fantasy and Zelda is called Video Games Live. This tour was created in 2005 and has been growing rapidly, increasing their route beyond just the three states they began with. This is not Video Games Live’s first visit to Seattle, they came through back in 2005, but now they are promising much more to the show than their previous performance in the city. This touring production displaying the video game images on a large screen and plays their soundtracks. Each area where the show is performed, local professional musician play for the concert. In Seattle, those local musicians happen to include the Seattle Symphony. Not only will this performance at the Paramount include a laser show and a costume contest, there will be a debut of Halo 3 ODST, the latest in the Halo series. And, in addition, the composers of the game as well as some of the design team will actually be in attendance at the show in Seattle.

There will be a meet and greet post show, and additional guests are on the list such as Mike Krahulik, video game artist, and the writer of the Seattle webcomic, Penny Arcade, Jerry Holkins.

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