Women Increase Their Ranks Within The Gaming Industry

Although the exact number are a bit fuzzy, men currently outnumber women in the gaming industry 10 to 1. This may be just one of the many reasons for the prevalence of chauvinistic themes and sexism sub-plot that gamers, male and female, seem to love to eat up. Although men make up a significant portion of the gaming industry as a whole, more female gamers and game developers are emerging.

When it comes to gender equality, the video game industry has been becoming more receptive to introducing strong female characters, most of them with their clothes on. On the other hand, there just aren’t a lot of women in the industry itself. Part of that is because video game designers need to have a specific educational background, and for whatever reason, women are not interested in enrolling in them. Recent reports show that game design classes that used to have single digit female enrolled have now broken into the double digits.  Some may think that women are just not predisposed to being able to handle the complicated mathematical formulas associated with building gaming engines and platforms, but women make up a large enough portion of math and science related majors to disprove this theory. Maybe there it is the ‘slacker’ stereotype that discourages women from getting into the gaming industry. Albeit completely unwarranted, there is the cultural myth that those in the video game industry eat pizza, drink beer and pine over girls all day. With the number of women at least enrolling in gaming related courses, there is a good chance that their involvement could increase in the near future.

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